Accessibility at Higher Bowden

Higher Bowden holiday cottages was developed from a 17th century farms and is located on a hillside in the South Hams making accessibility to persons with limited levels of mobility (levels 1, 2 & 3)  quite restricted - see description at bottom of this page for UK definition of mobility levels. The paths around the site are a mix of pavement, gravel and steps which can restrict the movement of wheelchairs to the vicinity of the cottage and the car park. Access between the cottages and the swimming pool requires walking up or down a steep hill (1:2.5 incline) or a number of steps. See images below

The Indoor swimming pool is on multiple levels with 5 or 6 steps between levels thus restricting access to persons with "Mobility Level 1". On a case by case basis (subject to health and safety requirements) we can allow  disabled persons into the swimming area via the normally locked sliding glass doors.

The upper complex of cottages are located around a paved courtyard which makes wheelchair access practical. However all the cottages in this section of the complex are on at least 2 levels with steep staircases between the levels. The cottages are therefore just about suitable to persons who have "Mobility Level 1", i.e those who only need a wheelchair for some of the time and can negotiate a flight of stairs. Please note that in all the cottages  the staircases have hand rails but showers, baths and toilets do not have additional grab rails. The car parking areas are covered in  gravel which can make pushing wheelchairs difficult.

Where practical we will do our best to improve the accessibility however in order to avoid disappointment regarding accessibility to the cottages and grounds please discuss these issues with Lin or Peter prior to booking a cottage.


Mobility 1 (M1) Mobility Level 1 : Typically suitable for a person with sufficient mobility to climb a flight of steps but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance.
Mobility 2 (M2) Mobility Level 2: Typically suitable for a person with restricted walking ability and for those that may need to use a wheelchair some of the time and can negotiate a maximum of three steps.
Mobility 3 (M3) Mobility Level 3 Independent: Typically suitable for a person who depends on the use of a wheelchair and transfers unaided to and from the wheelchair in a seated position. This person may be an independent traveller.