Circus of Horrors returns to Princess Theatre

Spending some time in the New Year with your family on holiday in one of the lovely South Devon holiday cottages? On Sunday 26 January, The Circus of Horrors will be presenting one of the most superb shows to date in the form of London After Midnight.

Circus of Horrors | Princess Theatre | HB News


The Circus of Horrors is best known for its success in the ITV talent show, Britain’s Got Talent. The show which reached the final is now back and they’re celebrating a fantastic 18 years of entertaining the masses in their own unique way. The Circus of Horrors has been performed across the globe since its conception, dating back to 1995 at the famous Glastonbury Festival.

Come and watch the new performance that will take you on a journey through the plague ridden times of London in 1655 as well as the great fire of London in 1666. The weird and wonderful ways that this is portrayed in such an alternative and stunning manner will leave you wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

You can expect to be amazed by awe-inspiring balancing acts to brave sword swallower’s, and even hair hangers as they perform the show of a lifetime that al the family can enjoy.

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