Civil War weekend at Dartmouth Castle

Civil War Re-enactment | British Military History Devon | Higher Bowden Holiday CottagesHere at Higher Bowden we’re always recommending our guests visit the beautiful and historic Dartmouth Castle when they come to stay at our Dartmouth holiday cottages.

A stroll around the battlements at the 14th century castle always seems to send people back in time and invokes a sense of history.

But this May bank holiday, May 25 & 26, that sense of history could be made even more real.

That’s thanks to the Wardour Garrison, which will be putting on a Civil War demonstration.

The demonstration will see military history enthusiasts re-enact the events of the mid-17th century – firing muskets, duelling with swords and charging on horseback.

Members of “the garrison” will teach visitors to load and fire a musket, let them watch military drills and experience and witness daily life under siege to see how soldiers in the middle ages would have prepared for an attack.

There’ll also be the chance to watch displays of cookery, weaving and crafts in the living history camp and enjoy the tunes of musical instruments from the time.

Families will also be able to get hands on and take part in traditional games. Plus there’s something no child would want to miss – the chance to learn to sword fight properly.

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