Dartmouth Castle Estate woodlands to get revamp

Visitors to holiday cottages in Dartmouth
can look forward to taking more woodland walks over the next five years and beyond, thanks to a new woodland conservation plan from South Hams District Council.

The council has voted to start a new five-year management plan for woodland it is responsible for at Dartmouth Castle Estate.

Dartmouth Castle| Woodland Background Estuary | Higher Bowden

The woodland forms part of the grounds of one of the most beautifully located fortresses in England.

Dartmouth Castle has guarded the narrow entrance to the Dart Estuary and the port of Dartmouth for more than 600 years.

Many years ago the area was managed in a way which meant there were a number of natural walkways through the woodland but in recent years the maintenance of those walkways has slipped and the woodland has become denser.

Now, however, those walks and the views they provide are set to return, with the new plan seeking to conserve and enhance the woodland and protect the habitat of the woodland’s wildlife as well as restoring thee network of footpaths.

The woodland, made up mostly of beech, hazel, maple, sycamore and oak trees, provides great views to people looking at it from the River Dart and Kingswear side and is also popular as an access point for the South West Coast Path.

To carry out the work South Hams’ grounds maintenance team will divide the woodland into several areas before carrying out coppicing of lower level trees. The team will get started on the work later this month.



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