Dartmouth could fortify links by requesting royal status

Visitors to Dartmouth holiday cottages could find themselves taking a vacation in an area of royal status if local councillors get their move approved.

View of Dartmouth - Looking out of the River - Boats and homes near Dartmouth holiday cottages

The councillors will be asking the Queen to grant the honour that has so far only been reserved for an exclusive number of towns across the country.

If the campaign that has been launched is successful then it would make the Devon town only the second in a one hundred years to be given the “royal” prefix.

It isn’t a proposal that would be unrealistic given that Dartmouth’s royal connections, with its Royal Regatta along with the with a naval college, could be key factors in seeing it added to the list of towns, joining the likes of Leamington Spa and Tunbridge Wells.

The idea originated from the Dartmouth Business Improvement District (BID).

Britannia Royal Naval College is, in fact, where a young Princess Elizabeth met her husband-to-be Prince Philip, when he was an officer cadet.

Added factors for the application include several members of the Royal Family, including Prince William and Prince Andrew, passing through the college, which stands proudly overlooking the river.

The yearly sailing regatta came to be Dartmouth Royal Regatta after Queen Victoria, together with Prince Albert and The Prince of Wales, visited Dartmouth in 1856.

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