Dartmouth is #openforbusiness

Dartmouth is #openforbusiness – that’s the latest news to come out of the town since the storms which have struck the South West subsided.

It’s a message we’d echo from our holiday cottages in South Devon by the sea, which will open up at Easter as always.

UK Storm | Waves Hit Dartmouth Harbour | Higher Bowden News

With no damage caused at Higher Bowden during the storms, which was described by the Met Office as “phenomenal” at one point, the message is it’s business as usual.

That message is one which many businesses across the South West have been trying to share using the Twitter hashtag #openforbusiness, which has been trending consistently over the past week or so.

It’s been a major focus of #devonhour and has even come to the attention of Prime Minister David Cameron, with many people tweeting the hashtag directly to his @Number10Gov account.

He was also told about it when he visited the town last week.

Now Mayor of Torbay Gordon Oliver has joined in, and is spearheading the Torbay #openforbusiness campaign.

Broken rail links in the area are set to be repaired as “a matter of urgency” and other transport providers are making sure the town is easily accessible.

So with the town, and Higher Bowden, well and truly #openforbusiness keep checking this blog for all the latest on events going on in the area.


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