Devon Steam Railway attraction set to open in time for half term

Visitors to cottages in South Devon by the sea often make use of popular attractions such as the Steam Railway.  We are pleased to report that even during the adverse weather conditions locally there’s some good news for local rail with the steam-operated South Devon Railway (SDR) managing to restore its own tracks after a landslip.

South Devon Steam Railway - En Route To Its Next Destination- Travelling Through Countryside Near South Devon Holiday Cottages


The news comes as a slice of welcome news to those visiting the area as the line is now ready to re-open just in time for its Winter Steam Gala taking place during the school half-term week from February 15-23.

The SDR is hoping that the Gala’s ‘Devon Branch Lines’ theme will appeal to enthusiasts, holiday visitors and locals too, as some may have missed out on the exciting steam train experience previously, so it should be a fantastic way to kick-start the season as well as adding a much needed boost for the railway.

For the keen aficionados there will be a particularly exclusive feature over both weekends (15/16 and 22/23 February), plus Friday 21 February. A first-time visitor to the SDR in the form of a venerable 109-year-old steam loco, M7 Class No. 30053 which was built in 1905 by locomotive engineer Dugald Drummond for the London & South Western Railway (LSWR) will be at the gala.

Devon Diesel Society (DDS) are responsible for the on-train bar operations, and as opposed to channelling the profits into their own projects, the DDS will instead donate the bar income to the SDR to help pay for the landslip repair costs.

The DDS have also gained useful sponsorship for the on-train bar from Tavy Ales who will be providing the two cask and bottled real ales over both weekends, as well as Teign Cellars, a craft beer pub in Newton Abbot, who has kindly sponsored the cider.

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