New Art Loft for 2014

Higher Bowden Holiday Cottages has announced its new “Art Loft” for 2014.The Art Loft will provide children of all ages staying in the award-winning cottages with a fun place to create unique art and craft as a reminder of their holiday.  The facility is a unique blend of traditional art and craft combined with the latest technology using smart phones/tablets to “print” to wood as well as 3D image capture – a first for the holiday cottage industry in the UK.

Art & Craft at Higher Bowden

New Art Loft for 2014

Some of the activities available in the new art loft include, creating wall murals, painting on beach stones, sketching, jewellery-making, ceramic painting, 3D image capture and a unique nature-art trail.

The Art Loft will be open all day for simple activities (such as crayoning – line drawings provided by Pennywell Farm a well-known local attraction ) but there will be dedicated times throughout the week when expert help will be provided for activities such as ceramic painting and using tablet computers  to “paint” or capture a picture and transfer to wood.  Each week we will have a different “art” theme which will be linked to local events throughout the year such as the crab festival, Dartmouth Music festival, Dartmouth Regatta, Agatha Christie week etc.


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