Occombe Farm Christmas Elf Trail

When you’re staying in holiday cottages in Dartmouth and other locations in close proximity with the whole family there’s a chance you’ll be looking for something fun and exciting to do with the children. Occombe Farm have just the thing for you!

ChriStmas Elf | Family Days Out | Higher Bowden

There’s a mission that Father Christmas has sent his Elves to solve this Christmas and they need some help. The Occombe Farm Elf Trail, taking place up until December 20th, is a hunt to find out the mysterious event of Rudolf and the loss of his famous red nose. Children are invited to come and help the elves on their quest. Part of the quest involves collecting the secret ingredients that is hidden along the nature trail in order to help get Rudolph’s nose glowing again!

A reward for successful helpers of their very own Christmas tree decoration, which you can then take to be decorated in the elf’s workshop with magical elf dust, making it the best decoration on the tree once you get home!

The fun doesn’t end there, as the lucky adventurers also have the opportunity to decorate and then send a magical letter to the North Pole for the attention of Father Christmas.

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