Paignton Zoo’s Monkeys swap bananas for brussels

If you have ever been on luxury holiday cottages in Devon and taken a trip to the zoo you would have more than likely seen monkeys eating bananas. Well not anymore! Monkeys at Paignton zoo have now been banned from eating that tasty fruit – because they are too unhealthy.

Paignton Zoo's Monkeys | Banana Ban | Swapped For Vegetables

Apparently it’s like humans eating too much cake and chocolate the animal nutritionists have said.

It would appear that the old cliché of a monkey eating a banana is now out of the window.

The monkeys who currently reside at the zoo have been on a healthy living regime and so have been avoiding food that is too sugary and sweet- including bananas.

Fortunately for children who dislike brussel sprouts, the monkeys are now eating more of these, however, this could aid parents in their quest to get children to eat their vegetables!

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