RSPB survey shows South Devon gardens top ten birds

The RSPB have been conducting a study that has included the population of birds and other wildlife in South Devon. Have you seen any of these beautiful birds while staying at South Devon holiday cottages? The study used as many as 11,000 Devon birdwatchers to take part in this year’s RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

Goldfinch- South Devon Wildlife Survey With The RSPB- Near South Devon Holiday Cottages

The survey, is in fact the biggest of its kind, not just in the country but throughout the world, and involves people counting the various birds that come to their gardens in one hour at any given time over the last weekend of January.

Blue tits, house sparrows, and blackbirds all feature high on the list.

Tony Whitehead speaking on behalf of the RSPB in the South West of England said: “We wondered if the mild winter would have a significant impact on garden birds.

“They were out and about in the wider countryside finding natural food instead of taking up our hospitality. The good news is that this may mean we have more birds in our gardens in the coming breeding season because more survived the mild winter.”

This year was also unique as, for the first time, those taking part were asked to log some of the other wildlife they see in their gardens too.

The RSPB asked whether people ever see badgers, deer, frogs, hedgehogs, squirrels, and toads in their gardens, in order to help build an overall picture of how significant our gardens are for giving all types of wildlife a home- all of these can be seen when you visit holiday cottages in areas of South Devon given their ideal location.

The information provided will be analysed and results will be revealed next month.

These are the results for the number of bird sighted in South Devon’s South Hams area were:

1 House sparrow 4.286

2 Blue tit 3.056

3 Chaffinch 2.330

4 Blackbird 1.871

5 Goldfinch 1.582

6 Starling 1.523

7 Great tit 1.446

8 Long tailed tit 1.239

9 Woodpigeon 1.185

10 Robin 1.182

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