Sea water turns green by South Devon pier

Green Sea | South Devon | Higher Bowden Holiday CottagesThere was something in the water off Teignmouth, near Higher Bowden, on Monday when the sea turned green.

The strange event seemed in keeping with St Patrick’s Day, the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland.

But anyone who thought the weird bright green colouring in the sea was part of St Patrick’s Day prank would have been mistaken, as it turned out the Environment Agency was behind the phenomenon.

As you can see from our pictures the water turned a bright green colour, just by Teignmouth pier.

After being asked about the discolouration of the water the Environment Agency said it was due to dye used to track plumes of water from an overflow pipe, as part of a water movement surveys.

If the idea of water around you turning funny colours on your holidays isn’t an attractive one, then why not visit our holiday cottages in Devon with swimming pool, one place you can be assured of water quality and an enjoyable experience!

Green Sea | South Devon | Higher Bowden News

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