South Devon to get National Park?

Great news for visitors planning on future stays in luxury holiday cottages South Devon as well as other tourism facilities. It has been proposed that the South Devon National Park could be formed as campaigners are making a case for the proposal.

South Devon | Land Map | National Park Proposal

It has been stated that Natural England is considering a proposal that would see an extension to the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so that there would be a re-designation to the South Devon National Park.

If the plan is upheld and the status granted, the rivers Erme, Avon, Yealm, and Dart would then be secured from source to sea.

The South Hams Society were responsible for putting the proposal forward and the idea would see an extension of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in order to include the complete watersheds of the four rivers that rise in Dartmoor and flow through the South Hams.

Right now there is a gap of countryside, that is yet to be designated, that lies between the borderline of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that I shares with Dartmoor National Park.

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