Top fishing days around Dartmouth

What better way to experience the perks of staying at holiday cottages in Dartmouth than to spend some time wetting the line, enjoying the surroundings and wonderful fresh sea air that comes as standard around these parts when you settle in for a good days fishing? It’s fun for all the family and chances are that the faces of your little loved ones will light up as they reel in their first catch of the day.

Family Holiday in Dartmouth -  Holiday Cottages in Dartmouth Nearby -  South Devon

Here’s some of the top places and operators to use for a fun-filled day fishing, as the saying goes “a bad day of fishing is better than a good day doing anything else”

Salcombe- Kingsbridge Estuary

Salcombe Fishing - Kingsbridge Estuary - Near Dartmouth Holiday Cottages

When you fish at Salcombe Estuary you will notice that unlike Dartmouth, it has very little fresh water flowing into it. The estuary is chiefly occupied by inflowing tidal water. Bass are ample but as with Dartmouth the area is designated as a nursery so this means that fishing from the shore pretty much a requirement.

Fishing here is very much seasonal in terms of species to be caught. Bass, Gilt-head Bream, Thornback Ray, Pollack, Plaice, and Wrasse are all up for grabs here. The winter months from the beginning of October to mid-March can offer some excellent Flounder too. The pontoon at Frogmore is a great little spot to fish from while you sit and enjoy picnic as well.

Greenway Ferry- Sea Fishing Trips

Greenway Ferry- Fishing Trips - SSouth Devon Holiday Attractions

Mackerel Fishing specialists, Greenway Ferry not only offer pleasure boat trips but sea fishing trips too. Setting off from the popular fishing town of Brixham which lays claim to one of the UK’s largest fishing ports, this one’s a top choice for families and true anglers who want to enjoy a wealth of good quality fish.

They’ll take you fishing for a variety of species including Bass, Conger Eel, Flounder, Pouting, Whiting, Pollock, Skate and more. If you want some almost instant action then a couple of hours fishing for Mackerel off of Berry Head is just the thing- they’ll be hanging off your line in no time at all, and the skipper knows just the place to find them!

For more information contact: 01803 882 811

African Queen- Sea Fishing Trips

A Successful Day's Fishing - On The African Queen - Dartmouth Fishing Trips

The African Queen is operated and owned by a husband and wife team, Alan & Hilary Hemsley, with over 20 years’ experience fishing out of Dartmouth. You can expect to have your day filled with a pleasant trip once you have chosen from the variety available to you, ranging from 2 hour evening trips, half days, all day and even weekly charters.

You can get all the excitement of a classic sea fishing experience aboard the African Queen. You can catch anything from a Mackerel to a Shark (yes a shark)! If you’re lucky you will get to see a Dolphin, the local Seals or a Basking shark while you’re out wetting the line. The possibilities are endless on the African Queen!

For more information contact:

The Breakwater – Brixham

Breakwater in Brixham - South Devon Fishing Marks - Near Dartmouth Holiday Cottages

The Breakwater in Brixham offers fantastic fishing for you to experience with a massive range of species. It is possible to fish on both the seaward side and into the harbour as well. The seaward side offers fishing over mixed ground. Close to the Breakwater the bottom is very rocky making it ideal for catching wrasse and various mini-species during the day and some very large conger eels after dark.

The Breakwater is known for being a top venue for anglers of all abilities it is a good place for disabled anglers with the wall being low for the first quarter of its length.

You are in with a likely chance of catching Bass, Wrasse, Blennies, Pouting, Whiting, Poor Cod, Mackerel, Scad, Garfish, Scad, Conger Eel, Gurnard and Mullet at this mark, along with a chance of catching flounder, Dab, Plaice, Cod, Huss, Red Mullet, and Black Bream here.

Start Bay

Sttart Bay - Dartmouth's Fantastic Fishing Beaches - Close to Holiday Cottages in South Devon

You never know what you could get on the end of your line here. Start Bay has been known to throw up anything over the winter, from small dogfish, pouting, and whiting to impressive 20lb-plus cod. There are ideal target times and areas to fish from but don’t worry that isn’t the only time to fish. Do take a nice selection of baits and make a day of it if you visit Start Bay – you will be rewarded in the end.

All the beaches here are east facing and will fish exceptionally well after an easterly blow if you know anything about wind direction.


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