Tourism BID ‘could raise £5m’ for Torbay

Experts who have looked into creating an English Riviera-wide Business Improvement District (BID) say the move could generate up to £5million to spend by businesses in the area.

Business Improvement District | English Riviera | Higher Bowden Holiday Cottages

A study carried out by experts working on BIDs in other resorts has revealed the figures and it’s now being suggested businesses ranging from holiday cottages South Devon to amusement parks and restaurants  should work together to create what could be one of the most effective BIDs in Britain.

Torbay Council and the English Riviera Tourism Company are currently looking into the possibility of introducing a levy for tourism industry businesses in the area. Funds generated could then be spent on improving shared tourist facilities on the Riviera.

If it were to be set up the bay-wide BID would have to look into whether existing town centre BIDs should be incorporated.

Some may be reluctant to become part of a wider organisation, particularly the Dartmouth Town Centre BID, which has generated and spent £2m since it was set up last year. That income came from 740 businesses which means across the English Riviera 1,460 businesses could generate the figure of £5m.

If the scheme were to go ahead it wouldn’t happen for at least 18 months, but could see funds raised invested in improving public areas across the Riviera by planting, landscaping and renovating property as well as being spent putting on events.


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