Two French Navy training ships dock in Dartmouth

Dartmouth holiday homes often have visitors to stay who are keen on the naval history that is tied into Dartmouth’s past and indeed present. The recent event that saw a visit that saw two French Naval training ships dock in Dartmouth as part of the ongoing twinning agreement between Dartmouth’s Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) and École Navale in Brest will come as a firm source of interest.

French Navy Training Ship – Comes To Dock In Dartmouth – Near South Devon Holiday Cottages By The Sea


The twinning agreement began in January, 2009, with the objective of evolving the professional, cultural, sporting and social links that had already existed between the Royal Navy and the French Navy.

The ships, a 470-tonne FS Tigre and an FS Lion, were berthed at Sandquay.

The crew of the ships are cadets from the École Navale, the French Naval equivalent of BRNC, and are predominantly used for navigation training.

The Royal Navy cadets had the chance to meet with their French Navy counterparts as well as touring the ships and exchanging their experiences of their respective training so far.

A number of competitive events were organised between the two navies using the facilities at BRNC.

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