Environmental Policy Statement

Higher Bowden Holiday Cottages Limited has a commitment to create a sustainable tourism business which constantly seeks to reduce its overall effect on the environment and exceed the "green expectations" of our guests.

"In all our activities we will continuously work towards reducing our impact on the environment"

In order to achieve this commitment the organisation will:

  • Meet all regulatory and consent requirement relevant to our business.
  • Where possible and practical to purchase locally and promote local suppliers to the guests. Information on Kate's Cuisine and the local village shop deliveries are provided to guests both on this website and in a letter sent to prior to your arrival.
  • Be efficient in the use of all resources including water, electricity and gas. We provide energy monitors in all cottages to help guests manage their use of electricity.
  • Increase the recycling of waste, when services are available from local service providers, and compost/digest food waste whenever practical. We can currently recycle glass, cardboard, paper, plastics and cans. We also have a "Cone" food digester for those guests wishing to dispose of their waste food in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Introduce guests to environmental and other issues related to visiting & living in the countryside. We have a detailed set of information for guests to take in the "nature corner" in our games room. In 2012 the current iPhone App will be enhanced with a wildlife spotter for guests to use around our site. We are also in the process of enhancing our nature trail and wildlife focus with the introduction of Sheep/lambs, Guinea Pigs and fish during 2012 which all guests can enjoy either close-up or at a distance!

South Hams Wildlife Wonders Project

Higher Bowden Holiday Cottages has participated in the Wildlife Wonders project which was all about discovering the wealth of wildlife in the South Hams by reviewing many local sites including our extensive gardens and grounds.

This project is part of the Sustainable Tourism Initiative delevoped by South Hams District Council and part funded by the European Union.

The aim of the project is to promote and raise awareness of the wildlife heritage in the South Hams for the enjoyment of vistors, and to encourage its protection by the local community.

Come to the South Hams and discover the wealth of wildlife and explore its heritage amongst the rolling hills, shingle beaches and coastal villages.

Wildlife Town & Heritage guides