Nature & Animals at Higher Bowden

  • GoatsBasle, Berne and Ben, alias the 'Beasty Boys', are our very friendly Alpine goats and a great attraction with the children
  • Alpine Goat ChaletBasle admiring the exceptional view from his "chalet" on the hillside above Higher Bowden
  • Guinea PigsOur 3 guinea pigs live in their own "cottage" in the nature area above Higher Bowden
  • PheasantWe often have 1 or more wild pheasants living on site
  • Ornamental Fish PondOur well stocked fish pond with Coi Carp and Golden Orfe is a popular attraction.
  • Alpine GoatsThe "Beasty boys" in on the act again!
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Young children (and often their parents!) love to see young animals and in our "top" field enclosure (a short distance from the cottages) we have Goats (British Alpine & Saanen) as well as guinea pigs in a large cage near the trampoline. These animals are kept well away from the cottages in order that there are no health and safety issues

Our attractive pond is stocked with a large number of ornamental fish including Koi Carp, Golden Orfe, Rudd and Common Carp. At certain times during the summer months the water can be cloudy due to algae growths and the fish can only be seen when feeding on the surface.

Higher Bowden is also a great place to spot a range of wild birds due to the great habitat (and bird boxes) and includes the Buzzard, one of our largest birds of prey, and often a few pheasants.