Booking a cottage at Higher Bowden

Step 1
Request price for cottage and check availability
Step 2
Accept price & obtain discount if you are a returning guest
Step 3
Complete the booking form
Step 4
Pay by debit/credit card over phone:
01803 770 745

Once you have decided which cottage you would like to book use the table below to start the booking process:

Cottage Start Date Nights check price & availability
High season & school Holidays start dates are shown in blue, low & mid season in black

VisitEngalnd Families Welcome Child Friendly No Smoking No Pets

Groups: Please note that we are unable to accomodate groups of more than 11 individuals (this includes 2 babies in cots) across 2 cottages, we do not rent more than 2 cottages to a "single" group or group of families/friends. If you book more than one cottage then an additional refundable deposit of £50/cottage will be charged at point of booking. Click here for more information on the group booking Click here to obtain more information about hiring a cottage at Higher Bowden and here to read our terms and conditions.