Booking a cottage at Higher Bowden

Step 1
Request price for cottage and check availability
Step 2
Accept price & obtain discount if you are a returning guest
Step 3
Complete the booking form
Step 4
Pay by debit/credit card over phone:
01803 770 745

Once you have decided which cottage you would like to book use the table below to start the booking process:

Cottage Start Date Nights check price & availability
High season & school Holidays start dates are shown in blue, low & mid season in black

VisitEngalnd Families Welcome Child Friendly No Smoking No Pets

Groups: Please note that we do not accept large groups (more than 12 individuals across 2 cottages) that is booking a cottage where the intention is to meet up with other families or friends staying in another cottage (unless one of the cottages is Little Bowden) at the same time at Higher Bowden. If you book more than once cottage then an additional refundable deposit of £50/cottage will be charged at point of booking. Click here for more information on the group booking Click here to obtain more information about hiring a cottage at Higher Bowden and here to read our terms and conditions.